Time at Adventureland Park in Iowa

My time working for Adventureland Park is slowly coming to an end. As of today I have 14 days until the full-time part of the season comes to an end. Then we have until Sept. 24th working only weekends. The six-day work week can not end soon enough for me. When it is all over and I am in New Mexico ( or some other place ) I will remember many of the people I worked with and smile. Recalling the long days and how I was always exhausted will not be recalled with a smile, unless to know it is done.

Today is my day off and I hope to do my laundry, food shop, and maybe spend some time with friends.

Doing a season of workamping here has been interesting and even fun ( sometimes ) and the folks working here are all great. Do I plan to return next year? NO!!! But would I suggest it as a one time way to make extra money? Yes…  The time here has helped me pay off all my credit cards so I will now have more money at the end of the month, might even be able to get a car. Once again I will say the work itself is not hard, it is long hours and sometimes working in high heat and humidity that takes it out of you.  To make enough money to make working here worth coming you will need to work lots of hours. This is not a place for anyone looking for short hours and lots of time to be a tourist.

Coming to the end of the day and completed what needed getting done and even had some fun. Went to lunch with friends, then checked out an Army Eng. Park close by, before going food shopping and home.

Big Lake
Herb and Laura


Latest thoughts about working at Adventureland Park in Iowa

All I have to say about working here is that I am counting down the days. Working outside in the heat ( 96F Humidity of 50 and above ) five to six days a week is taken its toll on me. I am taken all sorts of vitamins and drinking so much water it is almost funny.

If anyone is reading this who is thinking about coming here know that the work is not hard but the days can be long. I have work double shifts several times even if I have not signed up for them. I work retail so spend time at the water park so most of the time outside without any A/C.

I have a countdown clock telling me how long before we are back to weekends only. ( 34 days ) have also planned my escape route for the day I pull out of here. Plan to take my time and spend time at two state parks before getting back to NM.

Will I come back??? No.. The pay is not enough to get me back. $8.50 an hour just does not cut it when working in this type of heat. Also the drive here then back home cost what I make in four weeks, so not really making that much. Good part of being here was spending some time with friends, hoping to do more once we go back to weekends.


Workamping For Adventureland Park Iowa …… New Chapter…

Have now been working full-time for about a month now at the park. Most of the time it has been either fun or worse case boring. However that all changed yesterday June 24th 2017….

I was working Tattoos ( spray on ) with another lady and we did our best to do a good job on the first busy day of the season. The store is set up to have two stations each with two spray guns, however we only had one working gun so only one station was working. We split the work by one doing all the tattoos and the other doing the cleaning, talking to customers, and taking in the money. We thought all was going well until our supervisor pulled us out two hours early and had us report to the office. A customer complained that she was quoted a price of $4 dollars but charged $8…  All of the signs say $8 unless you have a season pass, I know I did not tell her $4, and I do not believe the other lady did. But that is not the part that has me pissed…. She also claimed we mistreated her children in some way, and again that still is not my problem.

When we had our talk with the supervisors something was said that just sits wrong with me…  One of them said ” who are we to believe the customer? or you? …..   That one line just keeps going around and around in my head….  Up until this I just knew I was going to stay to the end, now not so sure, it will only take one more thing and I will leave. After all is said and done the best part of workamping is the option to up and leave when you want to… The money is nice and is helping but I can get along fine without it.

Photo Tour of Adventureland Park

First time workampers were given a walking tour of the park today, lots of beer and dinner included. So I was able to get a few photos, will get some others when the park is open and I am not working.

Here We go Again…… 2017 Garden attempt

Every year I try to grow some sort of garden, it is the biggest thing I miss about not having a stick and brick house. So far I have not done real well, some years I get a few flowers, others nothing. The one plant that has done well on the road is the Christmas Cactus I found in Texas back in 2012.

So this year I am once again trying to grow from seed, this is what I have so far.. Morning Glory, Nasturtium, and some wild flowers… Now to see what if anything makes it this year..

Adventureland Park Iowa has opened for weekends

After being in the RV park for a month ( free ) I started working Saturday for the first time. Seeing that it was the first day I will hold back any thoughts about it until tomorrow. That way I will have worked two days and have some basis to think about.

I was assigned the Adventureland store for the day and had about 30 minutes of training before being alone until it was time to close. I am not used to standing for five hours and not able to move around very much so my legs hurt, also have lost the art of dealing with a lot of people at one time, so my head hurts. Thankful the park does not go full-time for a few more weeks.


I will get some more time Thursday when we ( women only ) have training in spray on tattoos. Men do not have to go.. Hmmmmm!!!!!!!

Updated Sunday night after shift ended…..

Much better day, I liked being a float and helping out where it was needed. Also went around filling in at stores to let people take breaks. I think once I get used to how things work I will be fine. Learned a few short cuts to speed up time it takes to cash people out. Now off until next weekend. ( except for the tattoo training..

Todays photos…

Visited Pella Iowa to check out the Tulips

Took a ride ( about 42 miles ) to Pella Iowa two days before the Tulip Festival starts. reason to go before the festival was to avoid the crowds. Walked around town looking at the flowers, windmills, and visited a few stores. Did find goat cheese in one meat market, so was happy about then. Then we found a strawberry, rhubarb pie and now very happy. The pie is so good, I will only eat small potions at a time to make it last longer.. ( sure, right )… All in all had a fun day..

If you want more information about Pella follow the link..   https://www.pellahistorical.org/

Enjoy the photo tour of Pella …