Winter Camp “Cielo Vista RV Park Truth or Consequences NM”

Good news and not so great news. Good news is that I am unpacked and the rig made it all the way back without any major problems. Bad news is just about every thing I had fixed, or try to get fixed when in Iowa, needs to be fixed again. The number one is the hot water heater. Had the old one replaced so I could turn it on from inside, it still worked I just had to go out side to light it. The NEW one worked great for just over a week, the day after I was gone from Iowa it stopped working all it does is click. SO now I have to heat water on the stove to do dishes, and shower in the public showers. ( not happy ) Second is my bike….. The rear brake does not work at all, and I can not shift it. ( both are frozen and I have not been able to figure it out. ( no bike shop in T or C ) but it does run using the power and no problems going up the hills so can live with it. …. Least of my problems is the 20 AMP from the hookup is not working so I can not set up any of my outside lights. Hope to get that fixed or maybe moved to a better site early Nov.

So that is how it all stands at the moment, have to wait until next month to get anything fixed already over my budget. Hoping to get a check from Adventureland soon, bonus should be in soon I hope…


More Photos of Oasis S.P.

Leaving Oasis S.P. and headed 80 miles Northwest to Sumner Lake S.P. until Friday. Then will start making my way to Mountainair N.M. and check out the State Park in that area. ( forgot the name )

Should be at Sumner Lake S.P. in my site and taken my first walk. ( 3pm local time )

Oasis State Park New Mexico

The park is south of Clovis NM, not far from shopping or whatever. It is a small park with a pond that is stocked so people are seen fishing often. Two problems with it,first the dump station has been down for over a year and the drinking water is not the best. So I use bottled water for myself and the dogs. Also shower in the public shower to save water going into my tank. Wanted to only stay a few nights but now need to wait to Monday to head to Sumner lake. Seems Sumner is still doing reservations and Monday was the first I could get. At least I get television and internet here. Still plan to visit two more parks after Sumner before going to my winter camp.

Photos taken here at Oasis so far during this visit.

Ready to hit the road in the morning

Will be leaving Canton Lake Monday morning instead of Tuesday as first planed. Seems Tuesday is going to be raining and windy so Monday it is.

Not sure I will come back to this camp ground, it is okay but no hiking trails. Also the goat head stickers are every place, poor dogs had so much trouble walking it was sad. Spencer does not want to even go out now.

Hope to leave early AM and try to get as close to Clovis NM as I can before I get sick of driving. My normal is 200-250 miles in a day, it is 360 miles to Clovis….

Sandy Cove at Canton Lake OK

All is well, at first I thought I missed my Camp Ground. But being the type that is more than willing to walk into a local bar and ask for help, I made it. Okay,okay….  Seems the directions I had where not 100% correct, and no signs facing the way I was headed. Did get a free beer and talked to three local couples about the area and how to find my way to the camp grounds. Seems I only missed it by one turn and it only took me 15 minutes to find my way to the site.

Once in my camp, I walked the dogs and took some photos, then it was time to set up camp and call it a day. I can not believe it is already 7pm. Do not plan to head out until Monday or Tuesday. Will attempt to drive to Clovis NM, only 380 miles from here.. Need to make notes about the way I am returning, I like it better then the way I went up. So if I go back next year I will know were to stay.