Getting Sick of The Weather Here in Iowa

So far it has snowed, been in the high 90,s and rained ( a LOT!!!!! ) Tomorrow will be my third day off in a row that I am stuck inside because it will be raining all day again!!!!!  Thinking of calling in sick on the next nice day so I can get things done around the rig and maybe get some food. I am down to two cans of soup and two of chile.

Today at work it was so slow I played with some of the stencils to see if I could come up with ways to make them look good.

Living The Dream????

Interesting realization came to me today when walking my three dogs. I have made it to the time of life that is allowing me to live my dream. I now can work when I want ( 3 to 6 months a year ) and play the remainder of the year. All my bills are paid off and I am now saving to get a van or a car by November of this year.

I may not live on a farm able to grow my food and have animals, but my rig has turned into a farm ( of sorts ) on wheels. I have three dogs, and growing tomatoes, strawberry, beans, peas, and flowers in my potted garden.

I get to be a bit outlandish by having outside lights ( solar ) in green, white, red, and blue. Also adding some solar statues ( coming soon ) to spice things up. Fly the American flag along with the service flag from the U.S.A.F. …..

It is fun to see people s reactions to everything I have outside. All in all life is a blast, doing what I would have liked to have done when I was in my 20’s and 30’s… LOL…

Only thing I would change is if I could I would buy a real farm ( 20-30 acres ) and grow all sorts of things. Not sure about animals other than a few more dogs ( big ones for outside. )


Garden survived And Now Growing Again

It seems all my plants but one survived first the drive from New Mexico to Iowa then the month of winter weather. I thought I was going to lose at least four other plants, but even if not looking great at the moment three are showing signs of new life. One of my morning glories turned to seed but did not die so I have saved the seed pods for next year, LOL… So winter is over and we have started to see summer temps already. What happened to spring??

If is Going Outside It Is Outside

My plants are now all out, at least the ones I will put out. keeping two inside that I do not think will do well in the summer heat. Almost lost the winter cactus a few years ago to the summer sun. So now I water them, feed them and wait to see what I get..

Slowly Garden is Moving Outside

Now about half of my plants outside. Tested the waters so to speak with the plants that looked like death anyway then yesterday put one good tomato plant outside. This morning all still looks good so put another plant plus the second tomato plant out.

The hay bales were to be used for the tomato plants but now because the tomatoes are so big I decided to buy some strawberry plants at walmart on my day off and plant them in the hay.

Fingers crossed that this garden works, I would really love some fresh tomatoes….  Taste so much better!!!

Garden Report…

Well I have put three plants outside in hopes of them living. All three have been slowly dying for the past 10 days or so. If all survive the next two nights outside I will add two more. Hoping to have all plants outside by the first of May at the latest. 

Tomato plants keep growing and I now have at least one tomato growing. Lots of yellow buds coming out so hoping for a good crop this year,