Thanksgiving is over and Christmas Decor is up

Okay so I only do the outside and to cheap to spring for a tree, so used a yucca. Looks a lot nicer at night when you can not see except for what the lights show. I do not have mush luck with night shoots, but will try to get some if I think of it and am not too lazy. So this is what i have done!!

OH yucca tree, oh yucca tree….. LOL…


Still Working on IT!!!!

Doing my best to eat Vegetarian, so far I think I am doing about 40%. I still have canned and frozen foods with Non- vegetarian ingredients and so eating them. ( not always a great thing )…

Have been taken notes a to when and how often I need to take pills for the bronchitis, when I go two days eating only veg. I can go almost 24 hours. When eating Non-veg, I sometimes need the pills every 6 hours. This tells me I have to do this to feel better and sleep better.

Maybe I can find a place to donate the other food to, I do not want to just trash it… First it was cheese, than beef, and that helped a lot. Now to stop eating the processed stuff I think vegetarian may be the only way. Do not want to go soy, that is not a great idea either.

So as of day ten (10) I am still at the I am trying stage…


This will be the pits for Turkey day ……… Hope you all have a great Dinner…

OH The Joy Of All The Health Care Laws WE NOW HAVE!!!!!

I have spent the last two weeks calling different insurance providers, Escapee Health ( not for NM ) Medicaid ( made too much money ) NM health ( hung up on me three times )…  Today I called for NM and hit pay-dirt.  I found a policy I can live with, only problem is it has to be done online and the site will not let me log in after I created an account and PW. So called and reported problem, after two hours on the phone I was told it had to be reported to another department and to try tomorrow. So I now wait…..

I just wish the aholes that put this health LAW into effect had to have it. Bet things would be a hell of a lot better.  For this to be a fair law ALL citizens should have to have it, ALLLLL federal should be stopped, and sent to this, so all of the folks that think it is great get to play this game.. That way no person would have better insurance then another  without having to pay out-of-pocket.

Again thank you Washing D.C. ass wipes. I was so better off before Obama care and now Trumpcare…  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


After finding, it still took me hours of computer and phone time to get enrolled!!!!  Started Friday Nov. 10th, finished Tuesday Nov. 14th. Now have to wait for insurance company to send package and make first payment.  I now have so so insurance for $90 a month. All other places I checked wanted at least $250 a month for the same thing. Good insurance would cost me $200 a month, means going to work at least part time to pay. Retirement my ass…..    Again Thank you DC…. Dumb Collective…..

OMG…… Trying to go vegetarian

As my friends know I have had problems with bronchitis for a number of years. Found giving up cheese and anything from the cow I did better, still not great. Have been taken pills that allow me to function but still problems sleeping. Now I have discovered that if I only eat a vegetarian diet I only need to take one pill a day instead of three. But my problem is I only know a few things I like that do not have any meat, fish, or chicken.

I am having the same problem as when I first stopped eating cheese, I keep thinking if I only have a little it will not matter. It does!!!!! Each time I fall back I have to take more pills or I can not breath.  So if anyone reading this knows of good taste vegetarian dishes I would be thankful for the help.  I know I can only eat so much soup before I go crazy. Maybe if this works and I go 100% in I will not have to take any pills. Have to say this sucks!!!! I love most foods but veggies are not tops..  LOL…. But I prefer breathing to eating…  Most of the time…..

Black And White Challange

For the past week or so I was doing all my photos in Black and White only. Reason was I was challenged to post one a day to face book. Rules were simple, no people and no descriptions allowed. So I took my camera with me each morning when walking the dogs and took photos of what ever I thought was interesting. Have to say I got to see parts of T or C I would not have. So now that it is ended I am putting all of the B/W photos on the blog. The first seven are the ones I posted to face book, the rest are all extras.

Photos not posted to face book..

Went on a Bike/Hike

Took the bike down to the water then walked along the shore. Just needed some time away from the city and the nice thing about T or C is it does not take long to get out of. Walked around just thinking and debating with myself what I want to do next. So far I have decided to keep debating and maybe something will happen to show me the way.

So I now have a better idea of how far I can go on a full battery charge and still get back. Today I used just about half a charge so next time I will go further and see what happens. Nice thing is even if I use all the charge I can still peddle back, if I have to….

Walking along the water made for a nice way to spend the morning, but did not offer the best in the way of photos. Shame to say I say more trash from people using the area then I say of any wildlife. But here is what little I did get.

Winter Camp “Cielo Vista RV Park Truth or Consequences NM”

Good news and not so great news. Good news is that I am unpacked and the rig made it all the way back without any major problems. Bad news is just about every thing I had fixed, or try to get fixed when in Iowa, needs to be fixed again. The number one is the hot water heater. Had the old one replaced so I could turn it on from inside, it still worked I just had to go out side to light it. The NEW one worked great for just over a week, the day after I was gone from Iowa it stopped working all it does is click. SO now I have to heat water on the stove to do dishes, and shower in the public showers. ( not happy ) Second is my bike….. The rear brake does not work at all, and I can not shift it. ( both are frozen and I have not been able to figure it out. ( no bike shop in T or C ) but it does run using the power and no problems going up the hills so can live with it. …. Least of my problems is the 20 AMP from the hookup is not working so I can not set up any of my outside lights. Hope to get that fixed or maybe moved to a better site early Nov.

So that is how it all stands at the moment, have to wait until next month to get anything fixed already over my budget. Hoping to get a check from Adventureland soon, bonus should be in soon I hope…