Learning to cook Vegetarian food..

So I have been cooking as far back as I can recall. Made my own meals when I was in the first grade and have never stopped. But learning to make veggy dishes without any meat or by products is a new world. Some of my spices work but many do not. Not sure I will ever be able to go vagan  due to using eggs in most of my rice dishes. Today is a good example, it is white rice ( refried in Olive oil ) eggs, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.  Cost is good only about $10 for 12 meals. ( froze ) But the taste is still not what I am looking for, it is okay but something is missing. Will need to play with some Asian spices and see what happens. At least this one is good enough to do again, I have tossed out several over the last few weeks due to the horror of it all. I think I have eaten more vegetables in the last month then I ate all of last year. But as I keep telling myself, I am feeling better the longer I do this so…….

Todays attempt



My 2018 Garden Party ( 64th B-Day )

Spent some of my birthday cleaning up the plants. Tossed out the ones that have had long enough to grow, but have not. I checked each one before reusing the soil for some of the other plants that are growing. Some have flowers already and I may have to cut them back before it is time to put outside. So here are the ones that have made it this far.. Also still have the winter cactus that is doing great, and my long planter with lots of grass and more morning glories.

Next week I will have to get some potting soil and start to transplant some.

Stupid is Stupid ( Me)


My becoming a vegetarian hit a major hole in the road a few days ago.  Had a big time craving for a chicken burritos with hatch green chile sauce.  It was sooooo good, but 8 hours later I started feeling like crap. So I had to find out what the burritos had for ingredients, went to the small restaurant it came from and had a surprise. Seems all of the burritos have cheese even if you tell them you do not want it. It is mixed in just before rolling them and no way to remove, them cheese is added for people who want more.

That little bit of cheese had me coughing and fighting to breath for two nights. ( with the inhaler and pills ) Called my Doctor after the first night and he said if it did not improve or got worse he would admit me, but it has gotten better and I figure by tomorrow I will be back to normal.

Back to eating rabbit food for me, just not worth the problems any small mistake makes to how I feel. If I gave up cheese, pizza, beef, and mac/cheese, I can do this too. I was down to taken pills between 12 and 16 hours and using the inhaler maybe twice a day. Now back up to pills 6 to 8 hours and inhaler every four. So that is how this week has been so far.

Today I can breathe again, but my chest hurts from all the coughing and whizzing I did for two days.  NEVER AGAIN!!!!! at least not until next time I do something stupid.

Only good thing was not having to get admitted to the hospital this time.

Blog Update about nothing

Living in Truth or Consequences NM, my days are spent trying to grow flowers, tomatoes, and garden beans, from seeds. So far Morning Glory, and beans are sprouting, but tomatoes are doing nothing so far. Also surprised at the plants I started last year that made it through winter and showing signs of flowering already.

So getting around town without a car.  I use my bike and a small trailer to get things moved. Take it to get LP, sometimes to Wal-Mart if needed a lot. Bike without trailer is used to get to and from Doctors, and everything else. Yes the bike has an electric motor…



Winter in one spot

This is only the second year I have stayed in one place for the winter, not sure if I like it or not. It has given me the time and place to get my medical established along with all my other things that require a physical address.

Have completed everything needed for the RV so that it is legal for the next two years, also insurance and road side all set.

Working on my medical at this time, have seen a Doctor and all appears good, but waiting for blood test reading Monday the 15th. ( 1/15/18 ) …  My knee seems okay again but wonder when it will go out again, this last time it took three weeks to get better, used to be two days.  Once all my medical stuff is done I get to take my dogs in for wellness checkup and get more heart-worm and tic stuff for them.

Next item on the list is taxes, seeing that I worked and have a small pension figure I should do them this year just to be safe. Do not think I will have to pay, and might get something back..


By the time I am done with taxes it will just about be time to start packing the rig and moving North to Iowa and Adventureland park….

Most fun packing will be my plants, as normal I have started a garden and finding safe places for them when driving is always interesting.. Below are the plants I have so far, plan for more but taken my time. Hope to grow some Veggies this year along with the flowers..


Road To Eating Vegan……

I am slowly getting better at not falling off and eating meat and other stuff, but it is difficult. My family was never big on vegetables or fruit, so my system is craving chicken and pork. Not having any problems not eating beef, seeing I gave that up years ago. Fish I gave up when I could not get any fresh ones in the Western states.

When I go two or three days without meat I find I only need to take a pill about every 12 to 16 hours. Once I mess up it is back to 4 to 8 hours, proved that yesterday when I had some chicken. Wonder what is in the stuff that is causing my problems?

Well I have a Doctors appointment on the 3rd of Jan. so maybe I can ask about this. But as of now I have to make this new diet work, I will feel  better and may even save money on pills.

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas Decor is up

Okay so I only do the outside and to cheap to spring for a tree, so used a yucca. Looks a lot nicer at night when you can not see except for what the lights show. I do not have mush luck with night shoots, but will try to get some if I think of it and am not too lazy. So this is what i have done!!

OH yucca tree, oh yucca tree….. LOL…