Workamping at Adventureland Park Iowa ( my point of view )

Ok, I have been here since early April and the first thing I will say is, if I come back next year it will not be until mid May. April is still cold and way to rainy for this old lady. Have to admit all in all the job is mostly fun, if sometimes on the boring side. So far I have been in most of the retail stores, but still not worked at the River ( still closed ) or any of the stores at the water park. The “Train Station ”  is the most fun, first everything is scanned so you do not have to figure out the price or what category it goes under. It is the only place that you get to joke with the kids and parents, because the scanner takes the work out of the job.

Okay about the RV park…. First the only thing I liked about the site I was assigned was that it was close to the laundry. Well that is still true except the laundry room does not open until sometime after 9am now. THAT SUCKS..  I like doing my laundry at 6:30 am just after walking the does, so now when I work the am or mid shift I guess I will just have to stink after day three. I was only given two shirts but work five days at a time, so when do I wash.. This site is small and not level, can not get it level, tried several times. It is also one of the smallest yards, can not tie the dogs outside to play and the fenced in area I have for them is small but just about files up the whole yard.  Keep away from Z4 if you come here. In fact try to stay away from Z4,5,6, and 7……

Today I get to go and play at Adventureland and get some photos of what it looks like when it has people in it. Wonder what I will see….

Back from my walking tour of the park with it open..  Have to love Digital cameras, took over 350 shots. After deleted the truly bad ones got down to 230. Then took out the doubles and not so great shots, oh with this and that got it down to the ones below. Could have been more but the water park is not open today..  Like more is needed… LOL…



Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

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