Adventureland Workamping

Well I have now been at the Adventureland RV Park for just under a week and have been getting to know the area and learning what I can about what will be going on. When I arrived I was given a package of information at the office, and have been to see Gary the HR director for workampers. Walking around the park with the dogs gives me the time and opportunity to speak with other workers and I have come across several that have been here three times or more, one is on his 17th year. Have heard nothing negative about the place only good.

I also have three friends working here that I have gone out to lunch and shopping with. Found a great Chinese place just 10 miles away that has a super Buffet, and it is so good my tummy hurt all of the next day I ate so much. Sunday morning I played cards with Nancy, the afternoon played with Herb, Laura, and Nancy.

Have to say so far it is nice to have people around that I know and have a history with. Most of the time I meet someone we make friends for a week, ten days then go our separate ways. I have only stayed in contact with a handful of people I have met in the years on the road.

I have information that an organized group will be putting things together for card nights, pot luck, and other activities, that should be fun.

Strangest thing about being here is I do not start work until the 29th yet the site is free even now. All my other jobs would not let me in,( or I had to pay,) until I started working. And we only work weekends until May 26th when it opens daily, then back to weekends August 22, until the end of the season.

When the weather clears I will try to take some photos of the RV park and its many geese. Hoping once spring finds us I will see lots of other birds.. Until then..

Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

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