Back at Sumner Lake for 2 weeks

Will spend two weeks here at Sumner Lake State Park in NM, and with the weather at above avg. temps people have filled all the sites this weekend.

I was glad I had a reservation because when I arrived my site was the last one with electric and water. Rangers even opened up an area that most years does not open until first of April…

Weekenders are still crazy, have open camp fires when the state is under a fire watch really confuses me to no end.. Also when you come camping do you really need to drive the car 50 yards to take a shower??? Have seen one lady drive her car with the dog on a leash walking along outside, what is with that???

But nothing seems to bother the deer, seen them in the middle of camp even with it full..

Spent about four hours planning my trip to Iowa that will begin on Thursday the 30th, end on April 5th when I arrive at Adventure land. It is about 1000 miles from here and will be taken my time.. No driving on weekends, and nothing over a 250 mile day..

Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

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