Weekenders Confuse Me

It is now 2pm, temperature outside is 68f, and 5 of the six people who are here for the weekend have all of their windows ( curtains also closed ) closed with the AC running.. My question is why are you here if you are going to stay inside watching television ( or whatever ) and not enjoy the weather outside, not to mention the lake is beautiful.

Three sites have boats and none have gone out today???  Do have one site with the people riding bikes and do seem to be having fun.

Not a complaint mind you, because it is still like having the place mostly to myself.. I am the only one walking along the water paths or for that matter walking..  🙂

Todays photos..

Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

2 thoughts on “Weekenders Confuse Me”

  1. Maybe you’re better off not knowing what those people inside their RVs with the curtains closed are doing, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Nice photos love the one of stumpy he looks like a fun dog !

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