Weather Changes from 75f to 40f, the day I turn 63

It is now the day after the day I turned 63 and I am sitting here looking out my window, and wondering where the time has gone. Now I have had an interesting life so far:

Things I have done for work

  1. Deli clerk ( high school )
  2. Dish and pot washer ( high school )
  3. U.S. Air Force 1973-1977
  4. Computers Honeywell Phoenix 1977-1991 ( laid off )
  5. Retail, odd jobs  1991- 1997  ( over qualified for computers )
  6. Truck, school bus, and circus ( CDL Driver ) 1997-2003
  7. Back to school for my Degree and worked grocery  store. 2003-2005
  8. Joined Offshore seismic research  company. 2005-2011 ( got COPD )
  9. Have been workcamping since 2011 and enjoying people along the way.
  • Housekeeping, Maintenance, Animal Rescue, Care Centers, Camp Host, Desk Clerk, Security, next on the list for this summer is working in an amusement park…. Plan on more to come, just do not know what or when..

Late update!!!!!

It is getting colder and has started to snow….  LOL…

Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

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