2017 Started With A Bang

I went to bed at 10pm because I needed to be in the office at 8am to noon today 1/1/17…

At midnight on the dot someone started shooting off firecrackers and small rockets, just enough to wake me and scare Chi-Chi…  Poor girl went nuts and pee pee all over the bed. By the time I cleaned up, changed the sheets and found my backup sleeping bag it was 4am, and I was no longer sleepy. So spent the rest of the night watching old westerns and holding my girl.

Pat ( owner ) came in at 11am and told me I look like I am about to fall over so go home..  Now do I take a nap and hope I do not sleep too much, or just try to stay awake until at least 8pm???  Hope this is not a sign of things to come…


Hope you all a HAPPY and Healthy 2017….


PS…  She is back to normal now…

Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

One thought on “2017 Started With A Bang”

  1. We had fireworks banging off until after midnight than at 4:30 a storm came in first a vicious wind banging thing around, then rain for a while and more wind until almost 6am by then I got up and made tea and toast. Not much open today in town so just a day here at home, did go to our cantina for breakfast with neighbors as it was the only place open this morning. The storm is long gone and things have returned to its normal calmness. I feel for your pet they don’t know what to make of the fireworks poor things. Happy New Year I hope this year is a good one for you and your fur kids.

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