Christmas in T or C

This time of year has always been depressing to me. I get to watch people with close family ties run around singing and joking. My family has never been close, at least not for me. So I stay home, watch old movies ( not about the holidays ) , eat too much, and just wait out the next two weeks.

Then we have the cold, I grew up in central Massachusetts with lots of cold and snow, so now I can do without. When it gets below 40F I am not at all happy. I like it between 55 and 85….  Can handle 100f better than 40 or below..  If it gets to freezing I will not leave the rig until it warms up.

I am so ready to start heading to Iowa and my summer job starting in April. When I come back to T or C next year I should be above water with my financials and should be able to get a car, and settle down so I do not have to drive the rig again.

Then I can use the car to go around getting photos, and do tent camping when it is warm.. Already know several places I want to check out when I have a car and a tent, can not get this big monster into a lot of areas..

Okay I guess that is all for now…

Author: boatrvsite

I am currently living and staying in New Mexico. . Spend most of my time in the Truth or Consequences. Like to visit state parks when I can.

One thought on “Christmas in T or C”

  1. I know the feelings you have about this time of year as mine are very similar, as you know. I’m visiting my son and wife in Tucson they have been pleasant also they both work so most of the day they are not around the house. I’ve had some business and legal stuff and prior to arrival had an appointment with the Cardiologist, that went well. The next appointment with the Cardiologist is in April. I’ll be returning to Mexico around the 27th of December. I miss my boring life in a small village in Baja Mexico. I , also eat to much during the holiday season! I’m trying the best I can to slow that down, but food is everywhere and smells so good. I wish you well for the rest of the holiday season and the New Year too! I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your job in Iowa.

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