Road Trip and Day Hike

It was such a nice day I just had to get outside and see some new places. I have heard about Yost Trailhead and Point of Rocks for years and both are only about 30 miles from Truth or Consequences.  So early this morning as soon as I walked the dogs I took off to see what was there. All in all it made for a nice day out, but not something I feel I will ever do again. Nice piece of history but really nothing remaining to see.


First Attempt At Tent Camping In Years

Now that I have decided to stay in one location indefinitely, it seems car/tent camping is the way to see some of the smaller camp grounds that I could not get into  with the RV.

I spent the money on camping gear I felt was needed over the last three months and hope I have not missed anything important.  If I did It will come out this week during my first time out.

Monday morning I packed up the equipment and the dogs into the car and down the road to Caballo State Park for the test run.  The tent was my first challenge, opened the box it came in and looked for instructions showing me how to set it up. Guess what no instructions, so laid it out flat and started playing around with it. It must have taken me a good hour to get it up, had it had instruction I believe it would have been less. Really is a very easy and simple setup once you have done it.

Tuesday was a breeze taken it down even if it did take about an hour to pack away in the car. Now headed to Leesburg dam State park to meet up with Laure and Herb for a couple of days. Before going to the campground I drove around checking out the locations of Wal-Mart ( already knew it ) and a nice place to have lunch Wednesday. Decided on Red Lobster for lunch location.  Once I arrived at the park I checked out the site that was reserved and found it too small to hold both the they RV and car plus my car and tent.  Told by camp host all sites were full except for a few none electric sites. When I went to the first come sites I got really lucky, one of the campers had just pulled out of one of the few electric first come sites. So we may not be in same site but we are close enough.

Setting up camp this time took a total of an hour, instead of the two plus the first time. I do not believe it took more the 20 min to get the tent up this time. Once warmer weather gets here and heat is no longer an issue I feel this will be a fun way to see some of the areas I was not able to get to in the rig.

Camp breakfast
Sunrise breakfast view
What water was in the river


Wednesday was a day to hike down to the river with the dogs and just look around, really not much to see this time of year. Later I went to lunch with my friends and we all ate way too much but the food was so good and had fun talking about this and that. Tomorrow it is back to T or C and start to schedule my next road trip. Have to say driving the car is a joy after the class A 34ft RV..

Happy New Year Everyone

It is Jan. 1st 2019 and still no snow has fallen in T or C New Mexico. It has been cold ( sort of ) down to 20 degrees a few times at night and day highs only 45 at times.  Should be back in the 50-60,s for highs in a week or two, then 60- 70 by end of Feb.  Have started my 2019 garden and things have started popping faster than I thought so will have lots to put out by March 1st.

Next week I plan a trip to Las Cruces and see some friends, looking forward to starting the new year with a fun visit.

The Day Before Christmas


It is Monday, the 24th of December in the year 2018.  Day before Christmas and I just made my food for the day. I will be eating home-made Pizza all day today. It is all made from veggy based stuff. Some of it is really good, other parts I do not think I will do again.  Already removed the fake ham, ( taste like crap ) the cheese and the rest are great. 

And I Begin Again, Garden 2019 in Progress

Okay I do not know why I love growing plants from seed or cuttings, but the calling to do so has already started.

I found several plants people abandoned as dead and have revived several, also lost some. Here are the ones that are looking good.

Took two weeks of sitting in water with root renew, but looks like it will make it.
Only two leafs, no root system when found on the ground, look at it now.
I did not think this one would make it, all but the center was brown.
Okay this was a cutting with two leafs when it was given to me. Let us see how big it can get.

Next group of plants are the ones that have so far survived from last year and one that has been with me for many years.

Last years Strawberry plant
Last years Strawberry plant
My old friend the Christmas Cactus.

Last group is still in the preparation stage, just getting soil ready for planting. Not even sure what I will plant yet. Why so early?? Because in NM I can put plants outside starting in March, and not worry about any cold nights.

My Turn to See The Doctor

Now that the dogs have been cared for it is my turn. I went to the Doctors today for a yearly checkup. My bronchitis has gotten worse so I will start a new med in next few days. ( waiting for it to come in ) Also had blood work and a stool test. May have to get X-Rays for my arm, from when the dogs pulled me at the Adventureland RV camp. Shoulder and arm ( mostly arm ) just do not want to heal… Have followup next week to see what the test say and decide if I need an X-ray or not. Taking some pain pills to see what happens until then.

So it is 100% all the of the fur kids had something wrong (new ) and so do I. Oh did I mention I have borderline high blood pressure as well? Something else to decided next week..