Pot Luck Dinner For Retail

Retail managers put together an end of year pot luck for all retail people and spouses. Made for an interesting time seeing folks away from work. First thing I noticed was it was mostly the over 60 who showed up, did have five under 30 but mostly it was the old folks dinner.

Had prize drawings and everyone got something, I now have a new coffee cup :-), and several key chains. Was fun watching some of the couples dance, but the highlight for me was when the two young men tried to sing.. LOL…

Lots and lots of food, most of it I could not eat but did have salad, a vegan pasta dish, and fruit. Ate enough to be still full this morning. Did get two free beers to go with the food, the boss of retail was the bartender, sort of cool.

So now to post the photos and let them do the rest of the talking.


Love Love Love Coach.net

Less than two weeks until leaving Adventureland. That means checking this and that and then doing it again. First I took my bike into the shop for a tune-up and upgrade, breaks, new chain and gear changer.

Then having a new water heater installed so I can turn it on from the inside of the rig, no fun going out to light it when it is cold or wet.

Most fun was when I found out my exhaust system ( muffler and pipes ) were falling apart. Not only falling apart but rubbing against the drive shaft. I called around for a day and a half and came up with zero places that could or would work on my rig. As a last hope I called Coach.net ( my roadside ) asking for help. Even knowing I was in an RV park and not in any danger of any type, the people helped in a way that will keep me a customer. Less than 1 hour after giving them my information I was called back with a phone number and location to take it in. I was able to make the reservation that day for this morning!!!!  I took the rig in at 8am and was done and back in my site at the RV park at 10:30…  Love that type of service. Driving it back I could tell the engine was working better by how fast I was going. LOL…  I was told that the last job was a cut-rate one, and now with the correct pipes and muffler I could expect to get better performance and might even increase the MPG..


In two weeks I will be in Nine Eagles State Park, only a 2 to 3 hour drive from here.. Will be nice to walk in the woods again..

Photo Walk Today

WOW….  For the first time in weeks I took a walk without the dogs and took a few pictures. ( not good enough to call photos ) Spent the morning cleaning up a section of the rig to get ready for the road. Still lots to do and it seems like all the folks here are doing the same.

First took shoots of my garden taken over the rig, it will be interesting to see what can be saved when I start cutting it down.

Then walked around the pond looking for birds and butterflies, only saw dragon flies, frogs, and fish.

Not a lot to see on walks, but hoping for better on the 25th when I get to Nine Eagles S.P. on Southern border of state. ( Iowa )


And Now The End is Near, For My Time at Adventureland

Yesterday 8/22/17 was the last day of the summer season, only weekends now until 9/24/17.

I made it!!!!!!!  Several times I was thinking we would never get to the end of the summer season. Working 6 days a week was not easy when the temps hit the high 90’s and the heat index was over 110f. So with that said I will be a little sad when we all part ways and hit the road in many different directions.

Going to try to put down in the blog what I liked about each position I worked in retail and also dislikes.

First off Mid Shift breaker at main retail: This position gave my the opportunity to learn the park, and each of the stores with very little time to be bored. It was my favorite position to work.

Second: Uniform Room, I was not sure about this one when I started but soon learned it gave me a kind of freedom that none of the others did. I was able to work at my own pace ( mostly ) and knew what was needed to be done for the job.

Uniform room, checking for phones and bags.


Train Station is after Uniform room…. This store is so much fun, families come to ride the small train then have to walk thru the store on the way out. Now the Train Station store is 99% candy so it is fun to see the kids running around trying to pick just one or two items, the parents for the most part are great. Only wish I had worked this position more often.

The A-land Train.

Next was Tattoos: This position when busy was so much fun, as long as all the equipment was working. This is where I had the most fun working, also where I was the most board when it was slow. If it had always been busy and equipment working it would have been #1.

Lets go to the Water park for pick #4: The tube shacks, combination of fun and frustration. Fun getting to interact with the kids, and watching them have fun. Frustration dealing with some of the adults that just would not listen to the directions about the tube rentals. Then complain that nobody told them. Sometime you just want to scream!!!!

#5 has to be Fire Station, this is where the young parents rent a stroller for the day. Loved working during the renting of the strollers, not so much when strollers came back and had to be cleaned.

Not very busy on the last day of full operations.

#6 The Gulch: this is just an open air cart that one person runs for the shift. It is outside so you almost feel free in some ways. Loved watching the kids talk the parents into buying them something. I had to do very little to get sales, kids did most of the work for me.

#7 The Hotel: I liked this store but do not recall every being truly busy.

Two person store, sells toys and lots of stuffed animals.

#8 Corner Store ( Discount ) was never busy, but did get traffic so got to talk to people.

All items discounted end up here

#9 Clothing Store: Only worked a few times and was always glad to call it a day.

#10 Rock Store: Nope this one is the first on my list of having to bite the bullet when assigned to it.. Not sure what I did not like, just did not feel comfortable working it.

#11 Aland Store: So happy I did not work it often… It just felt like I was in a bad place, and could not get away fast enough. ( all items have Adventureland on them )

#12 Monster Cart.. What can I say… it bored me to tears….  People just walk on by.

#13 ANY Bay Store… no reason just did not like them..

Last and yes least liked …….  Mid shift breaker at the bay ( water park ) always found it hard to stay busy in-between given breaks. Thankful that I did not get it as often as I could have.

Did not mention the Raging river… but I think I would put it behind tattoos.. It is an easy position that has ups and downs, had fun the few times I did it.

Then just because I want to I will mention the lunch room we had. it looks and feels like a school lunch room from the 60’s. Chicken on Mondays was the only time I did not bring my lunch. ( mostly ).

Not a lot of relaxing here.

Going to close with photos of Main St. in Adventureland one hour before closing on the last day of the full season.

This is the Retail office for the Main Street retail people.


Visit to Iowa State Fair 2017

So I spent my morning of my day off exploring the Iowa State Fair.  Mostly I wanted to see the animals and spend time with friends. Arrived at 8:30 am and departed around 12:30 pm. Long enough to see what we wanted, and got out before the big crowds showed.

Walking around the goats and tractors did make me home sick for the farm in Kentucky. But it passed.


One week before we are back to weekends only.:-)



Time at Adventureland Park in Iowa

My time working for Adventureland Park is slowly coming to an end. As of today I have 14 days until the full-time part of the season comes to an end. Then we have until Sept. 24th working only weekends. The six-day work week can not end soon enough for me. When it is all over and I am in New Mexico ( or some other place ) I will remember many of the people I worked with and smile. Recalling the long days and how I was always exhausted will not be recalled with a smile, unless to know it is done.

Today is my day off and I hope to do my laundry, food shop, and maybe spend some time with friends.

Doing a season of workamping here has been interesting and even fun ( sometimes ) and the folks working here are all great. Do I plan to return next year? NO!!! But would I suggest it as a one time way to make extra money? Yes…  The time here has helped me pay off all my credit cards so I will now have more money at the end of the month, might even be able to get a car. Once again I will say the work itself is not hard, it is long hours and sometimes working in high heat and humidity that takes it out of you.  To make enough money to make working here worth coming you will need to work lots of hours. This is not a place for anyone looking for short hours and lots of time to be a tourist.

Coming to the end of the day and completed what needed getting done and even had some fun. Went to lunch with friends, then checked out an Army Eng. Park close by, before going food shopping and home.

Big Lake
Herb and Laura


Latest thoughts about working at Adventureland Park in Iowa

All I have to say about working here is that I am counting down the days. Working outside in the heat ( 96F Humidity of 50 and above ) five to six days a week is taken its toll on me. I am taken all sorts of vitamins and drinking so much water it is almost funny.

If anyone is reading this who is thinking about coming here know that the work is not hard but the days can be long. I have work double shifts several times even if I have not signed up for them. I work retail so spend time at the water park so most of the time outside without any A/C.

I have a countdown clock telling me how long before we are back to weekends only. ( 34 days ) have also planned my escape route for the day I pull out of here. Plan to take my time and spend time at two state parks before getting back to NM.

Will I come back??? No.. The pay is not enough to get me back. $8.50 an hour just does not cut it when working in this type of heat. Also the drive here then back home cost what I make in four weeks, so not really making that much. Good part of being here was spending some time with friends, hoping to do more once we go back to weekends.