This is How My Garden Travels Down The Road

Except for the television cable, and electric lines I am just about set to hit the road tomorrow. Want to get as early a start as possible so I have time to stop for gas, and do some shopping before my week at Oasis S.P. NM..

My plants are all secured and ready to travel, takes me more time to set up and secure than anything else.


The Route To Adventureland Park

Spent time today finding places to stay along the route to Adventureland Park. First stop will be at Oasis State Park for a week just relaxing and watching the weather.

  1. First day out of Oasis will take me to Amarillo Texas for a one night stop
  2. Oklahoma City again only one night
  3. Williamsburg, Kansas for one night
  4. Then Lakeside Casino and RV Park in Osceola Iowa until the 1st of April.

Each drive is between 250 and 300 miles and allows time to stay longer if weather is bad. Maybe I will win so much at the Casino I will not have to even go to work… ( Only spending $20.00  on gambling..) LOL… But told the food is really good at this casino, and rv park is cheap.


So if the Jello does not melt that is my drive plan..


I Travel My Way

After living as a gypsy for a few years ( 1991 ) I now travel very slowly. I know I could drive from Truth or Consequences, NM to Altoona, Iowa in two or three days but why???? Today was my first day on the road to Altoona and I think I might have gone 15 miles. Reason?????  Because I wanted to get stocked up on dog food, people food, and get my 2018 State Park Pass.

So now I am staying in Elephant Butte S.P. for a week, want to walk around and take some photos and give the dogs some freedom to run.  Weather is great today and I have been outside several times. I will get online later tonight ( maybe ) to check out where I wish to go next. I will try to stay at state Parks in NM ( at $4 a night E&W ) then will look for Passport America parks ( have life member ) …

Only concern I have about any of this is how my garden will hold up having to be moved and secured when I drive. ( can not leave on dash LOL… )

The Time is Near

Almost time to get on the road again. March 12th I will leave the RV park I am in. First stop will be just down the hill to Tractor Supply and get a large bag of dog food. Then it is off to Wal-Mart to get pills and some food for the road.

I will then go to Elephant Butte State Park ( Main one ) to pick up a senior pass for the year. More than likely stay at the park for two or three nights before moving on. I do not have to be in Iowa until April so I am not in any major hurry. Once I have my pass I can go online and find reserved spots for the next few weeks, then will start driving for real around the 26th or 27 of March.

Might head north up the 25 then east on 40 or could that state roads and check out some other places. It is all going to be based on how I feel that day I guess.

My Garden Jungle

Just about all of my plants are growing and turning my rig into a jungle. All of my starter plants have been transplanted into larger pots at least once. Seeing it will be late April or mid May before I can put them out for the summer it is going to get interesting keeping them alive and healthy. No more room on the dash, in fact I have several plants along the sink and next to my computer. When it come time to hit the road to drive to Adventureland I will have to find a safe place to put them.  But this is what my plants look like as of now..

Learning to cook Vegetarian food..

So I have been cooking as far back as I can recall. Made my own meals when I was in the first grade and have never stopped. But learning to make veggy dishes without any meat or by products is a new world. Some of my spices work but many do not. Not sure I will ever be able to go vagan  due to using eggs in most of my rice dishes. Today is a good example, it is white rice ( refried in Olive oil ) eggs, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.  Cost is good only about $10 for 12 meals. ( froze ) But the taste is still not what I am looking for, it is okay but something is missing. Will need to play with some Asian spices and see what happens. At least this one is good enough to do again, I have tossed out several over the last few weeks due to the horror of it all. I think I have eaten more vegetables in the last month then I ate all of last year. But as I keep telling myself, I am feeling better the longer I do this so…….

Todays attempt