Just Spent All The Money I Made Over The Summer

Well it took me six (6) months to make the money and four (4) hours to spend it. I am now the owner of a 2012 Mazda cx-7. I will now be spending the money I save working here to pay it off in 36 months. or less. Now I will be able to take a few day trips, and when it warms up again will do some tent camping with the dogs. Still have the bike to get around town on the nice days, but will be nice to have a car for some of the things I need to do like getting all the dogs to a vet and shots up to date. Below are the photos of my (new to me ) car.


Back In New Mexico

Made it back to Truth or Consequences N.M. and not sure if I will be doing anymore long distance trips. This last trip took six driving days to do 1300 miles, best day 300. All but one day on the road was raining or so windy it was not a good idea to drive when I did not have to.  Also my rig is a 1999 and I am getting nervous about driving it. Thinking about finding a smaller rig ( class B ) that I can use to travel when the itch hits, and I know it will. I can leave my Class-A here and use it as a home base.  Will start looking for something this coming Monday, fingers crossed I find something.

I get my site with FHU free for working three days a week in the office so the owner can take some time off. The money I save doing that will go to getting the travel unit, whatever it may be. So yesterday was my first day at work and here are some photos of what I will be looking at for the time I stay.


Just a Nice Long Walk

Took the dogs out for a walk and took my cameras with me. It was so nice to walk without having loose dogs coming out of other campsites, not to mention I did not have to step out-of-the-way of a single car, RV, or truck.

Walked down the section of the park that is now closed, and was able to let Stumpy and Chi run around for a little. Found out that at one time the park had a road that went around the whole lake, but the bridge is closed and you can tell the road on the other side has not been used in years. Shame because I think that side is much nicer than the part I am camped in.


Long Road Back Home

Today was day three of my return drive back to T or C,   N.M. First day was raining and cold, day two was sunny but so windy I had to get off the road early, today started cold and wet but turned out sunny and warm so was able to have my best day. Tomorrow ( Friday ) I will only do 180 miles and stop to do some shopping, then stopping at a NM State Park for the weekend.  Back on the road Monday, should pull into my winter job by early Tuesday afternoon.  Not driving much either day.. 😉


Season is over, people are packing and moving on.

I have my rig almost ready to go down the road again. Plants are in a safe place my navigators are on point, just have to pull in the antenna and electric in the morning and pull out.   I am not pulling out today because I do not like the weather, it is foggy and raining so tomorrow is fine.

Arrived with over 20 plants, leaving with 6.

not the best day to drive
Turtle girls ready to get on the road tomorrow.

Place is starting to empty out but not as fast as I thought it would, thinking most people are thinking the same way, and waiting for better driving weather tomorrow.

My Second Season as a Workamper at Adventureland Park Iowa.

As my season ends I find myself asking if I will return next year or not.The biggest negative for me is how much I dislike the RV Park or at least the site I am in.  It does not allow me to walk my dogs safely, too many close calls this year.

If given a site in the same area or anything in the middle of the park, I will not be back . If I get one of the sites I requested it is an 80% change of coming back. Not a site I requested but in one of the circles then I would have to see the location and figure it would be around 40% change of my returning. I do enjoy working here just need to feel good about my dogs safety.


Moving along, this is the last weekend before the park closes for the season and I pull out for New Mexico. Today ( Saturday ) temps have dropped down into the high 40’s, and people are wherein long pants and long sleeves, not good for doing tattoos. I became so board that I wrote my first draft of this blog on a receipt paper. LOL…  Started raining to add to the cold and I was given the choice to close or not. ( I closed ) Only 5 tattoos today and with the rain it was not getting any better. Preferred to go home and get warm.

Retail Sale Day and Workamper Dinner

The only photos I have of the sale part of the day are from a friend that posted them to Facebook and I copied them. I was at the Train Station and we really never got busy. Still it was fun, and now is time to get some free food at the end of year dinner. 

clothing store was the busy place to be today.

Some people spent a good amount of money today


Even some of the kids showed up

Best customer of the day


     The end of the year dinner for me was no good. I had to leave early because the music was given me a headache, and once I get one it takes hours if not days to rid myself of it. But have to say the food was good and had a good time with friends before leaving. Next year I will have to take in some ear plugs. LOL…  Most of the people liked the music, but it just did not work for me, can not please everyone and today it was my turn not to be pleased.. LOL…