Starting to get some fruit from the garden.

YES!!!!  I have had a few tomatoes and strawberry out of my traveling garden. Also the flowers are starting to pop.  Do have to water twice a day because of the plants being in pots it all dries up fast.

Also staying busy at Adventureland Park, working Tattoos 6 days a week and sometimes come in to help make cotton candy. So far so good, but it seems to me like we have less workampers here then last year. Also think I saw two rigs pull out that had been workers. Just have to keep going and see what happens. My one fear is if we get too short-handed Tattoos will be closed and I do not know what I will be doing. Maybe rides???? Will see.

Very Strange Year here at Adventureland

April was cold and wet with three snow storms, thought spring was never going to arrive. Then first part of may was okay for temperatures but seemed like it was always raining.  Now for the last week it has been HOT!!!!! and humid, we skipped right over spring and are now in summer. Last year I did not have any AC until late June and it was fine. This year my AC has been running none stop for the last three days and nights. ( days only before ).

If the weather is not crazy enough, it seems rides and games are already short-handed and retail people are being drafted to fill in. I do not mind helping but I would like to be asked not told to help. So far I have helped in foods and rides, just a matter of time before I go to games. Now last year I do not recall anyone being short-handed this early in the year, I could be wrong….

Have not done anything outside that I do not have to do, first to cold, then too wet, now to hot.. LOL…  Today is my day off and I will spend it inside next to the AC, it is already 92f outside at 12:45pm…  Record highs three days in a row now. ( so said the talking head )..

Should mention I have to water my plants 3 times a day just to keep the soil moist.

One last thing I have a new decoration on my leg…

Getting ready to open full time.

Only have today and tomorrow before Adventureland Park is open every day for the summer. So I took my bike out with trailer hooked up to go shopping at  Hyvees. Reason for Hyvee and not Wal-Mart today was I wanted to stock up on Almond yogurt, veggy cheese, veggy meat/chicken and get some Non-Dairy Rocky Road Ice Cream. Wal-Mart has none of them.  Also picked up some other items not seen at Wal-Mart.  Note method of travel is electric bike and trailer.

After storing the food from my run, I found I had a delivery from Amazon. Turtle girls family is growing.


Added the U.S.A.F. flag today for the first time. Also put out some cheap wind toys.

Living The Dream????

Interesting realization came to me today when walking my three dogs. I have made it to the time of life that is allowing me to live my dream. I now can work when I want ( 3 to 6 months a year ) and play the remainder of the year. All my bills are paid off and I am now saving to get a van or a car by November of this year.

I may not live on a farm able to grow my food and have animals, but my rig has turned into a farm ( of sorts ) on wheels. I have three dogs, and growing tomatoes, strawberry, beans, peas, and flowers in my potted garden.

I get to be a bit outlandish by having outside lights ( solar ) in green, white, red, and blue. Also adding some solar statues ( coming soon ) to spice things up. Fly the American flag along with the service flag from the U.S.A.F. …..

It is fun to see people s reactions to everything I have outside. All in all life is a blast, doing what I would have liked to have done when I was in my 20’s and 30’s… LOL…

Only thing I would change is if I could I would buy a real farm ( 20-30 acres ) and grow all sorts of things. Not sure about animals other than a few more dogs ( big ones for outside. )


Garden survived And Now Growing Again

It seems all my plants but one survived first the drive from New Mexico to Iowa then the month of winter weather. I thought I was going to lose at least four other plants, but even if not looking great at the moment three are showing signs of new life. One of my morning glories turned to seed but did not die so I have saved the seed pods for next year, LOL… So winter is over and we have started to see summer temps already. What happened to spring??

Unhappy Tuesday

Today was laundry day for me, I do not have the option of going to a major laundry place. ( no car ) SO I took my dirty stuff to the closest washer/dryer to me at the park. (the Hub ) Sign on door says it opens at 7am, showed up at 7:35am and it was still all locked up.

So I waited, and waited, and waited..


At 9am I took my laundry back to my rig and went to the office to get quarters so I could go to station #4 ( second closes ) . As I am getting the quarters someone shows up to open the hub, it is now 9:10…

Morale to this is simple, do not trust the hub to open before 9am if then. have lots of quarters on hand and use station 3,4, or 1. Better yet is if you can go to a  laundry outside the park.  So now I feel better.. needed to vent, this type of stuff drives me crazy. Really!!! if I am schedule to work at 10am and show up at noon what would happen??? So if it is not possible to open the hub at 7 then change the sign to a time when you know you can get it open.

If is Going Outside It Is Outside

My plants are now all out, at least the ones I will put out. keeping two inside that I do not think will do well in the summer heat. Almost lost the winter cactus a few years ago to the summer sun. So now I water them, feed them and wait to see what I get..