No Fun at Adventureland Sunday 8/5/18

A car crash knocked out power to Adventureland Park,  for about two hours Sunday afternoon. 8/5/18.

Riders stalled on Adventureland Park Sky Ride

“It seems a car accident down the street knocked out power to many places in the area,” said Molly Vincent, with Adventureland.

The outage happened sometime around 1:30 p.m. Power was originally expected to be restored after about 30 minutes but ended up taking more than two hours.

From my point of view ( working at the time ) it was like watching the key stone cops. Black shirts running everywhere but not stopping even for a second to let the workers know what was going on. I have three small dogs I leave in my rig every time I go to work, when the power went out at the park it also went out in all the rigs. That meant my dogs had to be in an oven until I and the other person I work with took it on ourselves to take turns leaving to check on out pets. When I arrived at my rig the temp had gone over 85f and would surly gone higher with all the windows closed and the sun coming in the windows. management never notified us of the power loss until it was almost over. Had one of my babies gotten sick or died I would have lost it completely. Now at the least hint of power problems I will leave to be sure my family is safe. Spencer, Stumpy, and Chi Chi mean more to me then this job or the end of season bonus.

After this I will have to think hard and long about coming back next year. I truly like my job here, but again it is not that important.

I will say the power outage was not Adventureland’s fault, but it could have been handled better from my point of view. I do not know all that happened so have to hope it was just a bad oversight not informing people with pets about what was going on.


Countdown has begun To Weekends..

Today is my day off, so what will I do. Clean the rig?, do some shopping?, or just sleep?

I plan to sleep…… It has been a long week with three 12 hour days out of six. So ready to see the end of the full work week and go back to weekends. Have decided to stay until after October fest this year, so will not head back south until around the 10th of Oct.

Not much to say, working six of seven days does not leave much time for anything else.

Down to Four (4) weeks of full time work at Adventureland

Been a long season, working over 100 hours ever two weeks. Have not done much of anything this year in way of seeing anything. Doing Tattoos sex days a week, and having fun. Still will not be sorry to go back to weekends only in Aug. Guess that about does it for today..

Getting Sick of The Weather Here in Iowa

So far it has snowed, been in the high 90,s and rained ( a LOT!!!!! ) Tomorrow will be my third day off in a row that I am stuck inside because it will be raining all day again!!!!!  Thinking of calling in sick on the next nice day so I can get things done around the rig and maybe get some food. I am down to two cans of soup and two of chile.

Today at work it was so slow I played with some of the stencils to see if I could come up with ways to make them look good.

Starting to get some fruit from the garden.

YES!!!!  I have had a few tomatoes and strawberry out of my traveling garden. Also the flowers are starting to pop.  Do have to water twice a day because of the plants being in pots it all dries up fast.

Also staying busy at Adventureland Park, working Tattoos 6 days a week and sometimes come in to help make cotton candy. So far so good, but it seems to me like we have less workampers here then last year. Also think I saw two rigs pull out that had been workers. Just have to keep going and see what happens. My one fear is if we get too short-handed Tattoos will be closed and I do not know what I will be doing. Maybe rides???? Will see.

Very Strange Year here at Adventureland

April was cold and wet with three snow storms, thought spring was never going to arrive. Then first part of may was okay for temperatures but seemed like it was always raining.  Now for the last week it has been HOT!!!!! and humid, we skipped right over spring and are now in summer. Last year I did not have any AC until late June and it was fine. This year my AC has been running none stop for the last three days and nights. ( days only before ).

If the weather is not crazy enough, it seems rides and games are already short-handed and retail people are being drafted to fill in. I do not mind helping but I would like to be asked not told to help. So far I have helped in foods and rides, just a matter of time before I go to games. Now last year I do not recall anyone being short-handed this early in the year, I could be wrong….

Have not done anything outside that I do not have to do, first to cold, then too wet, now to hot.. LOL…  Today is my day off and I will spend it inside next to the AC, it is already 92f outside at 12:45pm…  Record highs three days in a row now. ( so said the talking head )..

Should mention I have to water my plants 3 times a day just to keep the soil moist.

One last thing I have a new decoration on my leg…